ZONG Internet Packages 3G/4G: Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Latest 2020)

zong Internet Packages

Zong started his services as Paktel by Cable & Wireless in 1991. It was the first company granted a free license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan. It carried out AMPS services until 2004, when the company launched GSM services. In 2003, Millicom Corporation, who at that time were majority owners of Instaphone, bought Paktel from Cable & Wireless.


ZONG Internet Packages: Daily

Note: Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu or Enter No at Zong site and subscribe to your favorite Package.
Daily Basic 100MB 1 Day Rs. 17+Tax
Daily Data Max 500MB Data + 500MB YouTube 1 Day Rs. 38 + tax
Daytime Offer 1200MB From 4am to 7pm Rs. 16+Tax

ZONG Internet Packages: WEEKLY

Note: Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu or Enter No at Zong site and subscribe to your favorite Package.
Super Weekly 2.5GB 7 Days Rs. 165 Consumer Price
Super Weekly Plus 7GB 7 Days Rs. 240 Consumer Price
Super Weekly Max 30 GB [10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 15 GB Data for YouTube] for 7 days 7 Days Rs. 299 Consumer Price
Super Weekly Premium 30 GB Data (including 15 GBs for Youtube/TikTok) 100 Mins All Network Mins 7 Days Rs. 325 Consumer Price

ZONG Internet Packages: MONTHLY

Note: Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu or Enter No at Zong site and subscribe to your favorite Package.
Monthly Mini 150 150MB 30 Days Rs. 50 + tax
Monthly Basic 500 500MB 30 Days Rs. 150 + tax
Monthly Premium 5GB 5GB 30 Days Rs. 500 Consumer Price
Monthly Premium 30 GB 15 GB Flat + 15 GB (YouTube and TikTok)100 30 Days Rs. 1000 Consumer Price

Dial *102# Charges 10 Paisa +Tax per inquiry.

NOTE: You can also dial *6464# for tariff activation menu.

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Millicom installed a new management team headed by John Tumelty, former CEO of Instaphone, and Chief Financial Officer David Ordman. We are going to talk about zong internet packages before that you have to know that internet was not option when mobile companies started servicing.  They earn lot of money from calling even incoming and outgoing calls.   That was an old era for mobile companies.

On 22 January 2007, Millicom International Cellular S.A. stated that it would sell its 88.86 percent stake in Paktel Limited to China Mobile for $284 million, which includes the repayment of intercompany debt. The sale implies an enterprise value for Paktel of $460 million, Millicom said in its press release. Merrill Lynch advised China Mobile on the transaction.

On 4 May 2007, Paktel Limited was renamed to China Mobile Pakistan.[9] On May 16, 2007 China Mobile announced that it had increased its stake in CMPak to 100%.On 1 April 2008, Paktel was rebranded to Zong.

Pakistan’s Zong Pakistan cell phone market, also known as Paksistan, has taken the world by storm. A small country in South Asia, it is an attractive country to visit and also an attractive country to do business. CMPak Limited, having its base in Lahore, is Pakistan’s leading mobile network provider, owned by China Mobile. With its huge network of around half a million outlets, the firm is one of the most successful telecoms firms in Pakistan and throughout South Asia. A company with an impeccable track record and with some of the most impressive handset designs in the industry, Zong is now well on its way to becoming a global telecom giant.

Zong is best known for its attractive handset designs. Most popular amongst young adults, and young urban professionals in particular, the handset designs by Zong are quite unique and offer a new experience to mobile users. With its wide range of handset models, from budget phones and handsets to smart phones, Zong provides an excellent user experience. With a unique design that incorporates the latest trends and features, the latest handsets by Zong have won much praise, as they combine the modern appeal of the latest models with the quality that is associated with well-designed handsets. The company is not only known for its great designs, but for its excellent customer service, and commitment to mobile customers.

The company has been making strides towards becoming a global leader in mobile phones. Launched in 2020, the Zong Paksis handset range continues to gain popularity. With its range of handsets, including the highly successful Paksi, the company is looking to take over China Mobile. With impressive mobile design and good customer service, and a large network of outlets in Pakistan, Zong has a bright future ahead.

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